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Increase Semen Without Medicine

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Increase Semen Without Medicine

Improve Male Fertility

Believe it or not, it is possible to improve male fertility. Yes, it is possible to increase chances of conception for almost every man. This does not require some specific knowledge, which is good news for men dreaming about children. Male fertility is determined by the number of semen cells a man has during an ejaculation. There are a lot of medicine products on the market today that promise an effect of increasing semen.

Increase Semen Without Medicine

A big part of these medicines are herbal but containing potentially dangerous ingredients like Yohimbe for example (The bark of African Yohimbe tree). Also they are too expensive if you'd like to use them regularly. So it'll be better to find another effective way to increase semen count. Herbal food and supplements like pumpkin seed and saw palmetto may help you to support your fertility and prostate health, while zinc can improve the quality and amount of sperm. Nevertheless, you do not need costly tablets to increase semen count!

Is it possible to increase semen without medicine? If you do some exercises regularly, it is quite possible. The example of such a technique is PC (pubococcygeus muscle) exercises (Kegels). They can be useful if a man wants to increase semen count. These semen exercises are reported to increase male fertiliy and even enhance male orgasms! Being physically active and exercising regularly is a big step towards improving all aspects of sex life. A healthy diet primarily comprised of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking plenty of water can help too. Dairy products are known to help men produce more semen. Knowing that about 95 % of semen volume belongs to water, you'll clearly understand that lack of water in your body will visibly reduce your load size.

Frequency of your ejaculations can determine the volume of semen that you produce. It is another important factor. If you have intercourse 2-3 times a day, the amount of semen will be much less than it is when you have only one orgasm a day. But don't experience sexual continence longer than for 3 days. It will not help to increase your semen volume; this fact is just a prejudice. Abstinence alongside with edging techniques can work well and you will have good semen ejaculation.

Edging is a special procedure when you achieve the orgasmic point and stop instead of ejaculation. Several such breaks during sex or masturbation will be followed by a big load and impressive chances of conception! Semen exercises, kegels, edging and all mentioned above will show you sex you have never experienced.

Semen Exercises

There are easy to follow guides which contain the information about semen exercises with step by step guides to increase semen and in such a way improve male fertility. Consistent exercising makes it possible to increase the average ejaculate amount of 1.5 - 4ml to the impressive amount of over 10ml. A good semen exercises program can also include additional information on some affordable supplements and food you can purchase, which can surpass the results of ANY existing pills enlarging semen volume, but at less expense.

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