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Breast Reconstruction and Lifting After Breastfeeding

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Breast Reconstruction and Lifting After Breastfeeding 


What is breastfeeding? Breastfeeding is a very important part of post-pregnancy period and essential for a healthy development of a new-born baby. Breastfeeding helps babies develop strong ties to the mother and can also help improve development of inner organs. Breast milk contains many vitamins and other important nutrients that are critical for development of the brain and nervous system.
It has been confirmed in numerous clinical studies that breastfeeding is the most effective in preventing health issues and complications.
Unfortunately, the importance of breastfeeding for all babies is often overlooked. Breastfeeding is a powerful therapeutic tool and a perfect way of communication between mother and a baby.

How Breastfeeding Affects Breast Shape After 40

Even though a lady can be entirely happy with her bust during her entire life, this satisfaction may fade away after breastfeeding. The fact that this happens to many women is well known. When ptosis sets in no one of these females can ignore the look of their breasts. Ptosis is a health term but it simply means sagging breasts.

Ptosis after Breastfeeding
Ptosis after Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding cause the transformation of shape and no female ever was able to preserve elastic bust through age. Child bearing also can dramatically change the shape, nature and size of bust. Breastfeeding process commonly causes a lost of suppleness, corny skin, and a shift of breasts' glands.
The shapes of a woman's body and breasts no longer look like they were before the pregnancy and unfortunately, these changes are not reversible on their own - unless a woman starts taking care of her appearance and wants to restore youthful breasts and figure.
However, with the introduction of the new techniques and methods of breast lifting, women no longer need to get used to their saggy breasts because they have numerous ways of breast reconstruction after breastfeeding.

Breast Reconstruction After 40

Popularity of breast reconstruction is growing, and based on the American statistics more than 300,000 ladies request breast reconstruction surgery each year. Women are attracted by this way of solving the problem of bad breast appearance after breastfeeding because the surgery is not very time-consuming.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Within maximum of 5 hours a lady can have well-shaped bust. There's no need to leave the career for a long time or worry about the relations because in one week women start their common live if there are no post-surgical problems. But there's always concern about certain risks after the surgery.
Moreover, not everyone is psychologically prepared to choose breast augmentation surgery.
Also, the cost is very high, as the surgery may need to be performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. In addition to the surgery itself, the cost of post-operation treatments and rehabilitation is often higher than the cost of the surgery alone.

A woman who avoids breast surgery but chooses to have a breast lift has an alternative. What to do if a woman wants to stay away from side effects associated with surgery? Those who are afraid of surgery but want to have elastic young breasts choose pills for natural breast growth.

Breast Reconstruction Products

Larger breasts are often associated with a more feminine-looking appearance, but some women are unable to achieve them due to natural aging processes and pregnancy-related complications.

Breast Reconstruction Options
Breast Reconstruction Options
Let's review the most popular breast reconstruction products that may be beneficial in the restoration of the youthful appearance of female breasts.

  • Hormonal Therapy. This kind of breast health products may have synthetic hormones in their composition. These breast enlargement hormones can cause serious health problems, even cancer. But the main danger is to the unborn child and mother's reproductive system. Besides, the long-time studies of this unproven method have not been carried out yet and it means that many other side effects are not impossible.
  • Injections of hormones. It is a highly dangerous method to inject hormones right into the breast tissue. You may notice some results, but the side effects are much worse. Hormone injection can cause a massive amount of swelling in the breasts. Also, breast tissue that has been injected with hormones is very sensitive and may bleed often.
  • Breast Surgery. You may have the tissue scarred and implants can get damaged. And very often the breast implants are the cause of the incorrect diagnosis, when breast cancer is concerned. The most serious complications of surgical breast reconstruction are severe infection, hemorrhage, and complications from bleeding.
  • Breast Pumps. This method can cause your breasts disfiguring or even breast cancer. A long-time breast pumping is very unsafe. A study done in the UK has shown that usage of breast pumps for an extended period is dangerous to the health of women. Some women have complained of painful sore breasts, which were later found to be damaged from over pumping.
  • Exercises. Special breast exercises aimed at improvement of breast health are rather safe and not expensive, but there is no proven evidence of their effectiveness. While they are beneficial for overall health, for heart and blood system and improve woman's muscle tone, they cannot physically change breast tissue because it contains no muscles. The only way to improve breast size is to increase the volume of breast tissues, and this is where breast exercises fail.
  • Undergarments. There is a great choice of bras or corsets that can make your breasts look gorgeous only till the moment when you have to take them off. They look great when you wear them but are very expensive. Wearing of special undergarments may provide an abnormal-looking form of breast. It is embarrassing for many women to take them off during intimate encounters. The shape of the breasts in undergarments usually seems very round and well defined, but the breasts themselves still stay saggy.
  • Breast pills. Breast health pills contain only natural herbal ingredients. They don't have any synthetic hormones, or chemicals, or colorings, or preservatives. Breast enlargement pills can make your breasts firm, bigger and more youthful. Natural breast health products will not harm you. All the components get into the bloodstream and absorbed by it, thus you should select the breast health product without any chemical substances. In case you do not pick an organic product, you may be at risk of getting a severe medical problem, like cancer tumor.

Herbal Breast Reconstruction

One of the easiest ways to restore breast shape after breastfeeding or improve the appearance of aging breasts is choosing herbal breast reconstruction products. It's a great way for women to enhance their health, get a boost in the form of healthier breasts, or just to get a great looking body.
The products are typically filled with plant estrogen which is said to improve breast tissue. One more benefit of breast reconstruction products is their availability - there is no requirement for a doctor's visit in order to get them. Breast reconstruction products enhance the estrogen level in a lady's organism, and bust tissues start growing.
Breast Reconstruction Herbs
Breast Reconstruction Herbs
The breast enlargement products can be used as a solution to lift breasts in almost every age after puberty. Breast reconstruction products can also help increase sex drive in most women. In addition to the changes in appearance, breast reconstruction products increase the self-esteem of a woman and may improve the overall quality of life.

The common breast reconstruction products commonly contain the following herbal ingredients making your bust larger:

  • Dandelion is known to have a lot of herbal estrogens. You may take its shoots or roots, or both, either as a supplement or as tea. Another good motive to use dandelion is that it boosts one's energy and makes you live longer. It also gives you some extra stamina and gives you a boost to your endurance, so you can improve your fitness results!
  • Dong Quai root provides you with strong phytoestrogens, Dong Quai is the source of elements that can augment the bust. This root is also used as a herbal treatment during menstruation. It helps to eliminate cramps. There are no scientific studies, but it has been used to treat some of the problems caused by menstrual cycles and menstrual pain.
  • Fennel may help you develop the form of your bust if you add it to a gel or oil for bust skin. You may also try fennel drink. Fennel is also a long-established aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant. Fennel is an essential ingredient in numerous recipes of Indian cuisine. It is considered the world's most sexy spice.
  • Fenugreek has a long history. It is said that ladies from Eastern harems took the seeds of this plant to increase their breasts. Fenugreek includes steroid precursors and female hormones. These components are able to contribute to the enhancement of tissues in the bust. It also includes big amount of phytochemicals contributing to the breast growth. They are all responsible for the growth and development of the breasts after rapid weight loss.
  • Wild Yam is typically used with fenugreek because of its natural nutrients. These two sorts of herbs in combination improve breasts growing. But what is more important, wild yam can help during PMS or treat menopausal problems. In fact, it is very useful for those who suffer from menopausal problems. In a study conducted by an Italian researcher, women who had been diagnosed with menopausal problems and were given wild yam improved their conditions in 57% cases and noticed fewer symptoms in 86% cases.
  • Pueraria Mirifica improves female features, enhances firm bust, and the quality of epidermis. It helps to thwart menopause syndrome, and improves state of skin in the section of the bust, in particular. It also has anti-aging qualities and improves blood circulation. The product is very popular among women with a wide range of body shapes and is particularly well suited to the mature women who desperately need a better bust shape.
Various combinations of these natural components are fundamental for the majority of breast reconstruction products. Read the label while taking breast pills and ensure you know each element in the medicine.
If you choose herbal breast enlargement pills, you can be confident that your bust will be marvelously fuller, rounder, and really delightful and large in the course of 30 days.
And you can feel confident that the results will be permanent, and your bust will be bigger and rounder for life!

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