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Effective Treatment for Adult Acne

Article by <em>Adult Health Care Center</em>Article by Adult Health Care Center

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Effective Treatment for Adult Acne  Acne is a common problem for millions of people. Adult men and adult women are not insured against these ugly little things as well as teenagers and youngsters. So, what will you do if suddenly you notice these red/ white/ black spots on your face or body? What is the best effective treatment for adult acne?

People have different approaches to adult acne. The latter sometimes depend on their health, age, sex, etc. and sometimes not. Some people do not pay any attention on their acne and think that it will make it and actually sometimes it really happens so.

Causes of Adult Acne

Causes of adult acne can be as diverse as the sizes of these ugly spots. What are they? One of the most common reasons why acne appears is a problem with hormones. This problem, in its turn, can be caused by age-related problems.

Although this often happens during puberty age, which is often associated with burst of hormones and many acne spots throughout all body, in case of acne in adults this is often caused by hormonal changes or by birth control pills.
Just like causes of any disease or just causes of anything that we get and that is related to our bodies, acne can be caused either by internal or external factors. Let's start with an emphasis on internal causes of acne in adults.

Internal Causes of Acne in Adults

Internal causes of acne in adults can be really malicious and mean - you just don't know where they come from!

If external causes of acne are predictable to some extent, internal causes of adult acne can really appear without a reason - it can seem that you obey all hygiene rules, you have a shower regularly and after having a sports training, you are quite aware of content of cosmetic that you use and don't use too many different scrubs, but anyway acne spots appear again and again.

Internal causes of acne
Internal causes of acne
Internal causes of adult acne can be summarized as follows:

  • Hormones. Hormones associated with acne are called androgens. These are originally men hormones, but all women have them to some extent. And in particular you are likely to have high level of androgens if you are in your adolescence. Some hormonal preparations also can increase level of hormones in your body - namely birth control pills. Usually androgens are responsible for sebum production which can be named as the next cause of skin acne.
  • Sebum production. Hormones can boost function of sebum glands located throughout your body and evolving sebum (or oil or grease). High sebum production can be too much for the skin and in this case oil does not only lubricate the skin (i.e. kind of making a protective layer on the skin) but also fills skin pores, and in that way pimples appear, ugly outside and greasy inside.
  • Bacteria. Propionibacterium acnes are bacteria living on a human skin. This germ can evolve biologically active substances that dissolve sebum. In this case skin becomes vulnerable and exposed to external contributors to acne. So here we can see symbiosis of external and internal causes of acne - an "internal" bacterium gives preconditions for external hazards.
  • The fourth cause is related to some abnormal changes in follicles, which can be also related to hormones. Sometimes follicles grow too much so that acne can be formed from the walls of these skin pores grown too much.

External Causes of Acne in Adults

Let's now review external causes of acne in adults, meaning those which are not related to hormones or activity of sebaceous glands or any other organs (generally because of the same hormones' hyperactivity these glands also become hyperactive and their agitation causes generation of oil in large quantities, which provokes choking of pores and acne as a result).

External causes of acne
External causes of acne
So what are the external causes of adult acne? It can be said that some of these come from habits and behavior of the person who is having acne, and the other ones actually do not depend on the person. For example, such harmful habits as picking and squeezing acne can be named as the one of the most widespread causes of all types of acne.

If you follow such a habit, you are going to trace a closed circle - squeezing an acne frequently leads to a new one (or several acnes, or something even worse like inflammations and even scars or skin pigmentation).

Wrong Adult Skin Care

Bad adult skin care is also one of common external causes of acne - especially for people who do some physical training or just live in hot countries. It is because sweat is one of the strongest triggers of appearance of acne.

The second group comprises of mostly environmental factors - high dustiness of working places, radiation, as well as unsound beauty aids, bad inheritance etc. In most cases these factors are very hard or even impossible to eliminate.

Nevertheless, one can always reduce causes of adult acne and prevent this skin problem.
Prevention is easier than medication - this universal rule applies to acne as well. Of course, if you remove any factor that can cause acne and that depends on you - you will make a decisive step ahead in your struggle.

Makeup and Adult Acne

Is there any connection between makeup and acne? Yes, makeup is one of the causes of adult acne. It is not a kind of sensation or something. It is quite an established fact and all the people who are concerned about their skin products in particular and health in general know about the same. Here we talk chiefly about women, because surely all "makeup issues" concern women much more than men.

Acne caused by makeup
Acne caused by makeup
And each woman should know what makeup she may use to avoid such widespread and annoying trouble as acne. Cosmetic which causes acne is, however and in spite of all, widely used and many women still use it and complain on having acne just without knowing what the cause of their trouble is.

Acne Caused by Makeup

Actually the answer, as it happens frequently, simply lies on the surface. Taking care of your skin should not be an obsession, although it is in some cases with women. But nevertheless acne and "acne caused by makeup" in particular tend to appear if the adult skin care is deficient... or basically handless.

Such fumbling behavior regards mostly manual removal of acne, namely squeezing and picking. However, it is not related to our main topic, though it becomes very crucial because of almost same reasons.

What is non-obsessive skin care?
What is non-obsessive skin care?
What do we mean talking about "non-obsessive skin care"?

  • Cosmetic mustn't be a life purpose. Of course it is good to look good, but there are cases when we don't make ourselves more attractive with makeup. Apart from the fact that your beloved person can fall in love with someone else when he finally sees you without maquillage, you may just spoil your skin in some way or another.
  • It is not advised to use too many scrubs - they scrub your skin so much that it becomes too thin and vulnerable.
  • Try to choose makeup for acne prone skin. And too fine powders are also not recommended - do you want these powders to get into all microscopic holes on your skin? Filling these holes (or pores or follicles) simply is the first stage of formation of acne.
There is a connection between makeup and acne - and it is just a simple illustration. The same is with cosmetics containing oil - a major agent for pores-choking.

How to Prevent Causes of Adult Acne?

Don't panic if you have a bad skin. Just think well about causes of adult acne and choose makeup for acne prone skin to prevent all those pimples.

If you have an acne prone skin, you may want to use makeup to hide the pimples, but in reality you will need to take care of the skin! It is better to use treatment to prevent pimples from appearing than hide your acne under makeup.

Diet Plan for Treatment of Adult Acne

We have already reviewed the major causes of acne. You can also read about them in the Internet, that is for sure. And if you have read about them and if you read this article, this probably can mean that this problem disturbs you and represents a vital issue for you.

Most of us know about at least some ways of acne treatment. If you have been interested in the acne causes, you might have read something about their elimination. And you should know that prevention is better than treatment and definitely better than retreatment. What can be new for you is that your diet may have influence on your skin so you may want to make adjustments in your diet in order to prevent adult acne!

Diet for Acne Treatment

You can prevent appearance of acne or fasten the process of their elimination by different means, but proper diet plan for acne treatment is one of the most commonly used and effective ways.

Diet for Acne Treatment
Diet for Treatment of Adult Acne
The matter is that many people have deficit of different vitamins and vital minerals in their organisms. And as a result their immune resistance becomes lower. Some minerals and vitamins are vital for the skin - and of course when you are not getting enough of them, the skin becomes weaker against external impacts. So here a proper diet can help you.

A proper diet plan for acne treatment does not necessary mean that you should follow some specially designed diet and avoid eating meat and fats or something. This only implies healthy food with enough quantity of vitamins and minerals required for regular development of skin (surely you should not forget about other parts of body).

So just choose a good diet and acne will be rare guest in your life. This is of course a thing you are eager to follow.
Try to exclude fast-food from your nutrition. These hamburgers and Colas are not going to feed you with too much vital vitamins, and besides, it is helpful for keeping stable weight.

Healthy Lifestyle for Acne Treatment

Of course smoking is forbidden (certainly smoking is not your nutrition but nevertheless a related and vital issue). Drinking alcohol should be limited. Use more vegetables (especially fresh), substitute cola and alcoholic drinks with juices.

This is a basic diet plan for acne treatment but if you choose a healthy lifestyle and proper medications to stop acne, you will get rid of acne once and forever!

How to Treat Adult Acne?

How to treat adult acne? Whatever you prefer, you should stay away from scrubbing or popping or rubbing acne. The latter is very frequent amongst teenagers, however, in case with adult acne it also happens often. Let's call it the second approach. In fact, manual removal of acne can do you more harm than good. The worst thing here is that you can easily get an infection through a small wound that you make on your skin.

Avoid Acne Squeezing!
Avoid Manual Acne Squeezing!
The place where you have removed acne will be inflamed and swell. In some cases, scars can remain - you understand that it is going to be a heavy payment for your deeds. Especially if we are talking about facial acne - in any case you realize that one white spot on your face, which will disappear (of course, more likely if you apply some treatment to it) in some days is not worth the scars that will define your appearance in the rest of your life.

So, even if you have popped some acne before and that was lucky and it was all right and you haven't got any infection - don't think that it will repeat over and over and again and that all acne must be popped / scrubbed.

Medications for Acne Treatment

It is not so easy to find an appropriate acne treatment. Many suffering people look for medications for acne treatment, and not all of them are that successful in finding the very drug that is helpful and has really natural origin.

Actually there are preparations that are considered to be natural and safe, and don't have much or even don't have any side effects. But there are also medications for acne treatment with proved action, still not as safe as natural ones. Among these are retinoids, isotretinoin and of course benzoyl peroxide.

Prescription Medications based on Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a complex action drug, one of many medications for acne treatment. It has been used for acne treatment for many years, and nowadays is produced under different names and different trade marks (for example, Clearasil is one of the most commonly known). Complex action of benzoyl peroxide manifests in its impact on growth and development of bacteria and on the skin.

The preparation inhibits growth of some germs, and the others are simply killed by it.
The effect on skin is performed through oxidizing and scaling of skin, which hinders appearance of acne. Some preparations containing benzoyl peroxide also absorb sebum, preventing follicles from choking.

Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
Benzoyl Peroxide Cream
Benzoyl peroxide can be of different concentration in the drug that you are going to use, concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10% are used most commonly. Of course the preparation containing more benzoyl peroxide is stronger and has more powerful action, but you are not going to have better effect if you apply the strongest one.

Natural Treatment of Adult Acne

It is better to start from natural medications for acne treatment, not depending on severity of your disease, and then, if you feel that bigger dose of the preparation should be applied and the initially used one is not sufficient, take the stronger one.

Natural Treatment of Adult Acne
Natural Treatment of Adult Acne
But in any case it is better to consult a doctor, in order not to make harm with good intentions. The matter is benzoyl peroxide has some side effects, related mostly to drying of skin. So that you have risk of having too dry skin after awkwardly applying the preparation, which can lead to acne again.

Effective Treatment for Adult Acne

It often happens that after revealing acne, people run to doctors (dermatologists, cosmetologists) with requests for help. That is more reasonable - anyway a specialist can give you a better advice and recommend an effective treatment for adult acne.

The main thing is that you may not consult a doctor each time you have any skin problem. But careful attention on the state of your health is always a positive way of living. You can prevent acne before it appears so you really will not have to look for any treatment for adult acne nor choose any approach of yours.

Find out how to treat adult acne 

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