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Breast Lift After Weight Loss: Natural Breast Reconstruction in Adult Women

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Breast Lift After Weight Loss: Natural Breast Reconstruction in Adult Women  A lot of women start considering breast reconstruction surgery as a way to improve their breasts after a major weightloss. With slimming down breasts change the same way as other parts of the body do, and this fact becomes obvious especially in clothing that fits not quite the way you'd like.

When women are young, their breasts consist mainly of the glandular (firm) tissues, which are replaced by looser fatty tissues with the age. This is a normal process, and it is also typical in case of weightloss. It concerns not only women, but men as well.

Breast Reconstruction after Weight Loss

When the process of weight loss is not gradual and the weight loss quickly, the skin is not so elastic. Therefore, the breast is affected to such alterations. In this connection, breast augmentation is frequently required after weight loss. During this procedure, extra skin is removed to avoid sagging. This technique is aimed at improving the breast tissues and nipples to a more appealing, younger, and better look. It may also help the bust to feel well toned, comparable to the pre-weight loss condition.
The breast lift after weight loss is performed with consideration for a client's desires and purposes. It determines the individual character of the operation: the skin amount which is necessary to remove and the type of removal are decided individually.
In most cases, the patients need some skin removal around the nipples and the breast lifting. In some cases, minimal invasions will be enough. It means that the operation will be reduced to the scar around the areola.

But it is not usual for most of the patients whose problems are connected to weight loss. They suffer from a large amount of saggy skin and in such cases, the operation is rather painful. However, the patient is able to work in seven to ten days on the average and can return to their regular activities in three weeks.

Sagging Breast After 40

Saggy Breast
Saggy Breast
It is not only the breasts skin that is negatively affected by major weight loss. Actually, even the breast tissue itself changes from full and become flaccid. In the process of breast reconstruction surgery, the breasts restore their original volume with the help of breast augmentation implants.

The moment body experiences a massive drop in the belly weight, of course, is flatten but the breast also gets flattery shape which is not attractive to look at. It is very common for any women to have sagging breast after weight loss as the composition of the breasts includes glandular and fatty tissues.
Upon weight loss, the quantity of the fatty tissues gets reduced which causes sagging of the breast.
This is also one of the reasons why women after weight loss find their breasts in a smaller size than what they used to be. Some women, however, may not experience saggy breasts or reduction in the size of the breast for the matter of fact that their breasts have more of glandular tissues rather than fatty tissues. It is difficult to tell who will experience a drastic change in the shape and size of the breast before weight loss.

Who needs Breast Lift After Weight Loss?

Any woman with sagging breast needs to go for a breast lift after weight loss. Here are some of the symptoms of breasts in need of breast lift:

  • Nipples pointing to downwards.
  • Breasts with nipple/areola located below the breast crease.
Before opting for breast lift treatment, one should know that breast lift does not change the size of the breast. The treatment is most beneficial for those who are not happy with the shape of their breasts rather than the size.

When to go for Breast Lift Surgery?

Weight loss might be the major reason for sagging of the breasts. The treatment for breast shaping, however, calls for certain consideration such as:

  • Stable Weight: Woman whose breasts size increases/decreases with weight gain/loss should have a stable weight before taking up breast lift surgery. The size of the breast will continue to raise/drop with the body weight until stable weight achieved.
  • Achieving Weight Goal: Anyone on a regime to lose weight would have set a goal for the same. The breast lift surgery should be opted only when the optimum weight is achieved. It is highly advisable to wait for the time until the optimum weight is achieved before going for a bust reconstruction surgery.
  • Pregnancy: Women planning pregnancy should wait until they have finished bearing the children. The size of the breast can change drastically during the pregnancy; therefore one should wait for a certain period of time before going for a breast surgery. A breast lift surgery might cause difficulty while breastfeeding, hence one should wait for at least 6 months after giving birth to the child.
Any woman who has achieved a stable weight and is not pregnant or has given birth to the child can go breast implants or mastopexy, breast lift surgery.

Breast Reconstruction Implants

Breast Reconstruction Implants
Breast Reconstruction Implants
Breast reconstruction operation can be carried out in different ways. It is done through one of several little cuts made along the breast fold in the underarm or around the areola. There are two common places for the implants: under the breast tissue and underneath the breast muscle.
Many women believe that if the implant is placed under the breast muscle, the breast looks much more natural and attractive.
Breast reconstruction surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete. In most cases, the surgery is done by giving general anesthesia to the patient. Also, the patient gets postoperative care at home and there is no need to keep the patient in the hospital for days. Oral medication relieves post-surgery pain, and one will be able to get back to work in about a week or so.

Medical experts and society have never liked the breast implants on a large extent. In some cases, this is also right as there are risks associated with such surgeries. Silicone filling of the breast reconstruction implants is usually the thing that causes the principal dislike, and recently breasts implants have started to be filled with saline solution.

Risks of Breast Reconstruction Surgeries After 40

Here are some of the risks involved with breast reconstruction implants for women after 40:

  • There is a risk of asymmetry in breasts. In some cases, the size/appearance of the breasts didn't match after the implant.
  • Pain and tenderness in the breast after the surgery.
  • Following the surgery, the implant may rupture or deflation.
  • Slow healing of incisions.
  • Enhanced risk of repeated breast surgery in the future to remove the implant.
  • Reduced breast sensation.
  • Increased risk of breast infection.
  • Bleeding in the breast.
  • After surgery effect of anesthesia.
  • Breast cancer.
Any of the above complications may require additional surgery.

Anyone who is interested in opting for breast surgery should consult the cosmetic surgeon to gain information on the procedure, risk factors, and post-surgery care. A better understanding of the surgery can prepare the patient for any future problems related to the breast implant.

Procedures involved with breast reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Breast Reconstruction Surgery
The breast lift after weight loss involves various techniques which are as follow:

  • Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP): It is the advanced form of breast surgery. In the surgery, a surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area without weakening the muscle strength of the patient. The excess skin is then used in the breast shaping procedure.
  • Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator (SGAP): In this procedure excess skin is removed from the buttock of the patient to be used later in the breast reconstruction procedure.
  • Profunda Artery Perforator (PAP): In this procedure, excess skin is removed from the upper posterior thigh from an area located beneath the buttock.
  • Transverse Upper Gracilis (TUG): In this procedure, excess skin is removed from the inner thigh of the patient. The excess skin is later used in the breast shaping procedure.
  • Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous (Lat Flap): In this procedure, skin, fat, and muscle from the upper and middle back are rotated to the breast area. On the long run, the surgery may decrease muscle strength making it difficult for one to climb and swim.
  • Transverse Rectus Myocutaneous: In the procedure, a woman's prime rectus muscles are removed to reshape the breast. The technique can increase the risk of hernia formation. The procedure is no longer a preferred method of a breast lifting.
  • Fat Grafting: In the procedure, liposuction of the abdomen, thighs, back, arms and buttock are carried out for removing fat from these areas. The fat is then prepared to be injected into the breast to enhance the appeal and shape up the breast.

What to Expect from Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

The breast reconstruction surgery can address sagging breast after weight loss as well as improve the complete appearance of the patient. The breast surgery can work good by:

  • Enhancing the overall look and feel of the breast.
  • Improving the symmetry of the breasts in case they are uneven.
  • Boosting self-esteem and overall body appearance.
  • Enhancing the overall personality of the patient.

Natural Breast Reconstruction After 40

You can find advice on natural breast reconstruction after 40 in various weightloss forums. The suggestions you may find there are usually natural and safe. One of them will definitely work for you, and you will be happy with the improved shape of your breast.

Natural Breast Reconstruction
Natural Breast Reconstruction
There are special topics on the weightloss forums. There you can find recommendations to choose natural breast reconstruction. Some of the women tried natural gels and creams and share the experience with others. With assistance of the right remedies you'll be able to return firmness of breast. They will look full and younger.
Great result can be achievable even without breast implants and risk associated with them. Consequently, you will not suffer from side effects if you choose natural breast lifting.

Benefits of going with natural options

The natural breast reconstruction is a simple procedure as compared to the implant-based surgery. It can be carried out by anyone without years of experience as this method involves simply using natural herbal products to improve appearance of the breast tissues. The advantages of the natural breast lifting are definitely clear. Some of the major once are listed as follows:

  • Natural Look: Breasts that have undergone through natural breast lifting look natural as compared to the implants. The natural breast lifting involves the herbal creams and gels which give the breasts the natural look after the procedure. The procedure is best suitable for women who do not want to disclose about getting a breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery. In certain cases, the natural breast lifting improves the appeal of the breasts especially when the nipple-sparing technique is used.
  • No Repeated Surgery: Unlike the implant surgery, the natural breast lifting procedure doesn't require repeated surgeries or any other risk. Patients who have gone through the implant procedure are advised to get the implants replaced after every 12 years. The repeated surgery is important for the safety of the patient as implants are often at the risk of rapture and damages. The natural breast uplift lasts for a lifetime.
  • Natural Feel and Symmetry: The natural breast lifting procedure involves a natural breast growth process that results in a natural shape, size, and feel.

Choosing between the implant and natural breast lifting procedure

The advantages of natural approach are definitely clear compared to the implant-based surgery.
Still, one should consult the professional surgeon to know which type of breast lifting procedure is the most suitable for the patient.
There are a number of factors that a surgeon may consider before choosing the surgery. For instance, the surgeon may examine the breast tissues to gauge whether the patient can be treated with surgical breast shaping or not.

The health history of the patient and personal preferences are some of the additional factors that may be considered before going for the surgery. Consulting with the surgeon is the best way to know which breast shaping procedure should be followed.


For women, breasts play a crucial role in their appearance. A saggy breast following rapid weight loss looks unattractive and can make a woman lose confidence while on a date or being in a party. Breast lift after weight loss can help enhance the appearance of the breast in a natural way!

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