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Breast Reconstruction After Weightloss

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Breast Reconstruction After Weightloss  A lot of women start considering breast reconstruction surgery as a way to improve their breasts after a major weightloss. With slimming down breasts change the same way as other parts of the body do, and this fact becomes obvious especially in clothing that fits not quite the way you'd like. When women are young, their breasts consist mainly of the glandular (firm) issues, which are replaced by looser fatty tissues with the age. This is a normal process, and it is also typical in case of weightloss. It concerns not only women, but men as well.

Breast Reconstruction after WeightLoss

When the process of weightloss is not gradual and goes quickly, the skin is not so elastic. Therefore the breast is affected to such alterations. In this connection breast reconstruction is frequently required after weightloss. During this procedure extra skin is removed to avoid sagging. This technique is aimed at improving the breast tissues and nipples to a more appealing, younger, and better look. It may also help the bust to feel well toned, comparable to the pre-weightloss condition.

The breast reconstruction operation is performed with consideration for a client's desires and purposes. It determines the individual character of the operation: the skin amount which is necessary to remove and the type of removal are decided individually. In most cases the patients need some skin removal around the nipples and the breast lifting. In some cases minimal invasions will be enough. It means that the operation will be reduced to the scar around the areola. But it is not usual for the most of the patients whose problems are connected with the weight loss. They suffer from the large amount of saggy skin. In the most cases the operation is rather painful. A patient is able to work in a seven to ten days on the average and can return to their regular activities in three weeks.

It is not only the breasts skin that is negatively affected by major weightloss. Actually, even the breast tissue itself changes from full and supple to loose and flaccid. In the process of breast reconstruction surgery the breasts restore their original volume with the help of breast reconstruction implant.

Breast Reconstruction Implants

Breast reconstruction operation can be carried out in different ways. It is done through one of several little cuts made along the breast fold, in the underarm or around the areola. There are two common places for the implants: under the breast tissue and underneath the breast muscle. Many women believe that if the implant is placed under the breast muscle, the breast looks much more natural and attractive. Breast reconstruction surgery usually takes one to two hours to complete. In most cases the surgery is done under general anesthesia. You will get postoperative care at home; there is no need to keep you in the hospital. Oral medication will relieve post-surgery pain, and you will be able to get back to work in about a week or so.

Medical experts and the society have never liked the breast reconstruction implants much. And in some cases they are right, because there are some risks caused by them. Silicone filing of the breast reconstruction implants is usually the thing that causes the principal dislike, and recently breasts implants have started to be filled with saline solution.

Natural Breast Reconstruction

You can find advice on natural breast reconstruction in various weightloss forums. The suggestions you may find there are usually natural and safe. One of them will definitely work for you, and you will be happy with the improved shape of your breast. There are special topical branches on the weightloss forums. There you can find recommendations to choose natural breast reconstruction. Some of the women tried natural gels and creams and share the experience with others. With assistance of the right remedies you'll be able to return firmness of breast. They will look full and younger. Such result can be achievable even without breast reconstruction implants and risk associated with it. Consequently, you will not suffer from side effects.

Find the natural breast reconstruction 

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