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About Adult Health Care Center

About Adult Health Care Center

Welcome to Adult Health Care Center. We are the only site on the web that provides articles and reviews about adult diseases, disorders and conditions in most popular languages.

About Our Website

Looking up health and healthcare information can be a sensitive but important task, so it's vital to use websites that can provide truthful information backed by science and research. We provide valuable and constantly updating articles that include recent innovations in healthcare, science research and medical technology. We are a trusted source of all your medical and healthcare needs, Adult Health Care Center complies with the best standards for trustworthy health information.

We have an internation health network that joins sites in 20 different languages with over 2 million annual visitor sessions worldwide.
Our mission is to share health and healthcare science with you!
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About Our Team

Our team includes health and science writers, contributors, reviewers as well as medical experts and journalists from numerous areas. They are working on content production on Adult Health Care Center, with a proper research and quality check to ensure that all articles are up-to-date, reliable and understandable to a scientifically engaged audience.

Our top contributors include:

Lucas Botin

Clinical Pharmacologist, MD. CEO at Adult Health Care Center
Ines Obregon

Nutrition, Microbiology, Physiology, M.Sc.
Jerry Kouvan

Psychology, Ph.D. CEO at YourWebDoc.com
Jennifer Greenwood

Dermatology, M.Sc.
Boris Logan

Neuroscience, M.Sc.
and many more...

Do you want to join our Adult Health Care Center Team? We are constantly looking for health experts to help us develop our content. If you're talented and extremely passionate about health care for adults, we might want to talk to you about how we can work together.

About Our Content

Adult Health Care Center provides articles on many health and healthcare topics, these articles and reviews are based on our unique view and have been created and reviewed by healthcare experts and professionals. We do our best to deliver high quality, up-to-date reviews.

The content that we publish on our websites is reviewed by our staff of health experts and medical journalists. Our articles provide the latest updates from reliable sources including medical journals, announcements from federal health agencies, and analyses on the latest health trends. Our experienced freelancers communicate daily with top medical experts, providing in-depth studies, updates, and tricks that enrich our health news and content.

Our content is published in accordance to guidelines for medical and health information sites on the internet.


Medical Advice

Please be aware, the health and healthcare information found on the Adult Health Care Center website is not intended to replace an advice given by a physician or doctor. If you have or suspect a health problem, you should look for professional medical advice before acting on any information you read on our website.
Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on any internet website!

Advertising and Banners

Adult Health Care Center may receive funding from advertisements and banners. Our banners and other ads are not targeted to particular users and may be placed on site according to our content interests. All advertisements are distinguishable from other content with the appropriate label.