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Foods That Improve Sex

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Foods That Improve Sex  Food can influence your sexual life a lot. Before having a heavy dinner think of possible problems you may have. By choosing the right food you can increase sexual desire or improve the quality of sex. Moreover, certain types of food may help you forget about sexual dysfunctions. The smell of some food items can stimulate sexual desire.

  • Strawberries

    The best health benefit of strawberries is their aphrodisiacal features. These berries are a good source of potassium, which helps you improve blood flow to your penis and increase erection.
  • Oysters

    It is not for nothing oysters are highly assessed for being good motivators. They contain zinc, B6, which is good for testosterone. Their lack brings to low sex drive.
  • Salmon

    While consuming oily salmon, your organism gets valuable omega-3 fatty acids. As a result, your blood gets less sticky and can easily flow to all parts of your body, including penis. Salmon and other oily fish, such as mackerel, tuna and trout can help you improve sex life if eaten regularly.
  • Wine

    Red wine supplies you with enough antioxidant phytochemical resveratrol, the substance, which is good for sex, as it improves the state of your arteries and enables production of nitrogen oxide. Nitric oxide enables the arteries to wide, and this is the way "the little blue pill" functions to deal with erection problems. However as the anti-impotence medicine only focuses on very small capillaries, resveratrol allows to expand the arteries as well. Yet, too much wine will do no good either. To reach the optimal result stop at one or two glasses - otherwise you will have to face the reverse effect.
  • Coffee

    Enhanced blood flow, increased metabolism, pumping blood - all this, derived from the caffeine of your favorite Java blend can help you successfully beat your erection problems.
  • Garden onion

    You are advised to eat enough onions and garlic, because they contain allicin. This substance helps you improve sex life, because it makes blood less sticky and improves its circulation, as well as prevents formation of clogs and clots. You are worried that the smell of onion can hardly be called sexy? No problem, you should just chew some parsley and peppermint gum.
  • Chilies

    Chillies are another blood vessel expander capable of spicing up your sexual life and helping you to get the boost. Keep this in mind every time your face flushes when you eat curry. From anatomical point of view the mechanism of hard-on is nothing but hydraulics: it is achieved by ample rush of blood (the liquid) into the penile blood vessels (the little tubes). Hence, the only things required for successful sexual activity are healthy blood vessels (the pipework) and heart (the pump).
  • Bananas

    Bananas are also good for hearts. Potassium which they contain is good for health in many ways. It helps to keep an eye on blood circulation, reduce sexual dysfunctions while keeping sodium level at a normal point. Potassium can also be received from oranges or potatoes' skin.
  • Cherries

    The colorful plant chemicals (anthocyanins) that cherries are so rich in protect artery walls from fatty plaques which lead to clogged arteries and are the main reason of atherosclerosis. Many other brightly colored berries and fruit such as plums, peaches and nectarines will help you keep your arteries smooth and your love life blooming.
  • Pork

    Pork is a great source of vitamin B1 which is useful for your nervous system. Wholemeal bread and beans can also piece out a shortage of B1.

Improve Sex Life and Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Nowadays there are so many options to choose from when it comes to sexual dysfunctions, for example prescription drugs or herbal penis pills. However, you can overcome the problem by being careful in choosing what you eat.

You should eat enough healthy products containing zinc, omega-3 acids, vitamins, as well as vegetables and fruit. Such a diet is good for your whole body and helps you prevent many problems, sexual dysfunction among them. Avoid fatty products, as well as products with much sugar and sodium. They worsen your overall state and sexual dysfunction too.

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