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Makeup and Acne

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Makeup and Acne  Is there any connection between makeup and acne? Yes, makeup may cause acne. It is not a kind of sensation or something. It is quite an established fact and all the people who are concerned about their skin care in particular and health in general know about the same. Here we talk chiefly about women, because surely all "makeup issues" concern women much more than men.

And each woman should know what makeup she may use to avoid such widespread and annoying trouble as acne. Cosmetic which causes acne is, however and in spite of all, widely used and many women still use it and complain on having acne just without knowing what the cause of their trouble is.

Makeup and Acne

Actually the answer, as it happens frequently, simply lies on the surface. Skin care must not be an obsession, although it is in some cases with women. But nevertheless acne and "makeup acne" in particular tend to appear if the skin care is deficient... or basically handless.

Such fumbling behavior regards mostly manual removal of acne, namely squeezing and picking. However, it is not related to our main topic, though it becomes very crucial because of almost same reasons.

What have we meant talking about "non-obsessive skin care"? Cosmetic mustn't be a life purpose, isn't it? Of course it is good to look good, but there are cases when we don't make ourselves more attractive with makeup. Apart from the fact that your beloved person can fall in love with someone else when he will finally see you without maquillage, you may just spoil your skin in some way or another.

For example, it is not advised to use too many scrubs - they scrub your skin so much that it becomes too thin and vulnerable. And too fine powders are also not recommended - do you want these powders to get into all microscopic holes on your skin? Filling these holes (or pores or follicles) simply is the first stage of formation of acne.

There is a connection between makeup and acne - and it is just a simple illustration. The same is with cosmetics containing oil - a major agent for pores-choking.

Don't panic if you have got any bad skin. Just think well about makeup and acne.

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