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Causes of Obesity in Men

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Causes of Obesity in Men  Obesity is one of the biggest contributing factors to poor health and a lower quality of life. Those that are obese are at a much greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. The causes of obesity are multifaceted and range from genetic to environmental.

In most cases however obesity is caused by consuming more calories than are burned. The main causes of obesity in men are unique. Below is a look at four of the most common contributing factors that cause obesity to occur in the male population.


Everyone has that one friend who can eat whatever they want and never go up another pants size. This is due to genetics. Everyone is born with a unique metabolic rate. So, just how some people can eat whatever they want in vast quantities and not have to worry about a growing gut there are others who have to be more careful about the kinds of foods they consume as well as the quantities.

Because of the variance in metabolic rates in individuals it is important to know yours well in order to avoid over-eating. If ones metabolic rate is too low it may be a sign of thyroid issues and a doctor should be consulted in order to increase metabolism.

Portion Size

Since the 1970s the average portion size in restaurants and recipe books has grown. It is also continuing to grow which signals that obesity in men is only going to become more of a problem. Some studies have shown men are more likely to finish what is put in front of them than women.

Due to this the increase in portion sizes affects men's obesity more. Even a slight increase in portion sizes will have a cumulative effect on weight over months and years.


Lifestyle is another major cause of obesity in men. Many men become inactive during their mid-twenties when they enter the work force. This causes the amount of calories they burn to go down. This is especially true for those males that work jobs where they are sitting for the majority of the time.

If you continue eating the same amount as you were before becoming less active weight and fat will slowly accumulate. A few pounds gained a year do not seem like much but it adds up and often leads to obesity and further medical complications. Lifestyle choices such as whether or not one participates in sports and outdoor recreational activities effects obesity.


With junk food and fast food being affordable and readily available it is no surprise that this is one of the leading causes of obesity in men. Fast food is such a big contributing factor because it is packed full of calories and simple carbohydrates.

The high caloric content of these meals makes the food act on the pleasure centers of the brain making the consumer feel a sense of well-being. This is why binge eating of fast foods is a common phenomenon. Men should try to avoid junk foods and find a way to reduce appetite and decrease calories intake.

How to reduce appetite and prevent obesity? 

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