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Medications for Acne Treatment

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Medications for Acne Treatment  It is not so easy to find an appropriate acne treatment. Many suffering people look for medications for acne treatment, and not all of them are that successful in finding the very drug that is helpful and has really natural origin.

Medications for Acne Treatment

Actually there are preparations that are considered to be natural and safe, and don't have much or even don't have any side effects. But there are also medications for acne treatment with proved action, still not as safe as natural ones. Among these are retinoids, isotretinoin and of course benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a complex action drug, one of many medications for acne treatment. It has been used for acne treatment for many years, and nowadays is produced under different names and different trade marks (for example, Clearasil is one of the most commonly known). Complex action of benzoyl peroxide manifests in its impact on growth and development of bacteria and on the skin.

The preparation inhibits growth of some germs, and the others are simply killed by it. The effect on skin is performed through oxidizing and scaling of skin, which hinders appearance of acne. Some preparations containing benzoyl peroxide also absorb sebum, preventing follicles from choking.

Benzoyl peroxide can be of different concentration in the drug that you are going to use, concentrations of 2.5%, 5% and 10% are used most commonly. Of course the preparation containing more benzoyl peroxide is stronger and has more powerful action, but you are not going to have better effect if you apply the strongest one.

Acne Treatment

It is better to start from milder medications for acne treatment, not depending on severity of your disease, and then, if you feel that bigger dose of the preparation should be applied and the initially used one is not sufficient, take the stronger one.

But in any case it is better to consult a doctor, in order not to make harm with good intentions. The matter is benzoyl peroxide has some side effects, related mostly to drying of skin. So that you have risk of having too dry skin after awkwardly applying the preparation, which can lead to acne again.

Medications for acne treatment without Benzoyl Peroxide 

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