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Internal Causes of Skin Acne

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Internal Causes of Skin Acne  As causes of any disease or just causes of anything that we get and that is related to our bodies, acne can be caused either by internal or external factors. Here we are likely to make an emphasis on internal causes of skin acne.

Internal Causes of Skin Acne

Internal causes of skin acne can be really malicious and mean - you just don't know where they come from!

If external causes of acne are predictable to some extent, internal causes of skin acne can really appear green field - it can seem that you obey all hygiene rules, you have a shower regularly and after having a sports training, you are quite aware of content of cosmetic that you use and don't use too many different scrubs, but anyway acne spots appear again and again.

Internal causes of skin acne can be summarized as follows:

  • Hormones. Hormones associated with acne are called androgens. These are originally men hormones, but all women have them to some extent. And in particular you are likely to have high level of androgens if you are in your adolescence. Some hormonal preparations also can increase level of hormones in your body - namely birth control pills. Usually androgens are responsible for sebum production which can be named as the next cause of skin acne.
  • Sebum production. Hormones can boost function of sebum glands located throughout your body and evolving sebum (or oil or grease). High sebum production can be too much for the skin and in this case oil does not only lubricate the skin (i. e. kind of making a protective layer on the skin) but also fills skin pores, and in that way pimples appear, ugly outside and greasy inside.
  • Bacteria. Propionibacterium acnes are bacteria living on a human skin. This germ can evolve biologically active substances that dissolve sebum. In this case skin becomes vulnerable and exposed to external contributors to acne. So here we can see symbiosis of external and internal causes of skin acne - an "internal" bacterium gives preconditions for external hazards.
  • The fourth cause is related to some abnormal changes in follicles, which can be also related to hormones. Sometimes follicles grow too much so that acne can be formed from the walls of these skin pores grown too much.
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