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External Causes of Acne

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External Causes of Acne  Causes of acne can be as diverse as the sizes of these ugly spots. What are they? One of the most common reasons, why acne appear is any problem with hormones. This problem, in its turn, can be caused by some age problems (meaning puberty age, which is often associated with burst of hormones and many acne spots throughout all body), or by birth control pills, or by some hormonal disease etc.

External Causes of Acne

But here we are going to talk about external causes of acne, meaning those which are not related to hormones or activity of sebaceous glands or any other organs (generally because of the same hormones' hyperactivity these glands also become hyperactive and their agitation causes generation of oil in large quantities, which provokes choking of pores and acne as a result).

So what are the external causes of acne? It can be said that some of these come from habits and behavior of the person who is having acne, and the other ones actually do not depend on the person. For example, such harmful habits as picking and squeezing acne can be named as the one of the most widespread causes of all types of acne. If you follow such a habit, you are going to trace a closed circle - squeezing an acne frequently leads to a new one (or several acnes, or something even worse like inflammations and even scars).

Skin Care

Poor skin care is also one of common external causes of acne - especially for people who do some physical training or just live in hot countries. It is because sweat is one of the strongest triggers of appearance of acne.

The second group comprises of mostly environmental factors - high dustiness of working places, radiation, as well as unsound beauty aids, bad inheritance etc. In most cases these factors are very hard or even impossible to eliminate.

Nevertheless, one can always reduce external causes of acne and prevent this skin problem. Prevention is easier than medication - this universal rule applies to acne as well. Of course, if you remove any factor that can cause acne and that depends on you - you will make a decisive step ahead in your struggle.

Reduce external causes of acne 

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